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Business continuityWhat is a fleet management and how does it work?| Beyond Technology

What is a fleet management and how does it work?| Beyond Technology

Learn what fleet management is, how it works, and the benefits of implementing this type of logistics to your company.

Here’s how fleet management works and the benefits you can enjoy by implementing it.

Making everything work perfectly in your company is a great challenge. Logistics is excellent support for everything to work correctly; every process will be more accessible, and having order will not be impossible.

This process will help you boost operational efficiency, productivity and, at the same time, promote vehicle and driver safety. Understanding this process is very simple and will bring you many benefits, which we will discuss later. In addition, implementing this type of logistics will help you manage your business in a more organized way, increase revenue, and of course, improve customer satisfaction.

Fleet management is the process that focuses on the management and organization of commercial vehicles. Its principal function is vehicle tracking, which works thanks to telematics. In this way, the fleet manager will be able to track the vehicles’ location, behavior, and status. It is an excellent way to control fleets, help improve safety and reduce risks to a greater extent.

In some industries, vehicle fleet management also works for resource tracking and managing equipment such as cranes, graders, trailers, and specialized tools.

The overall goal of fleet management is to increase efficiency and productivity while improving driver and vehicle safety. It can be achieved by combining vehicle tracking, fuel consumption reporting, driver monitoring, and vehicle maintenance management.

How does fleet management work? 

Fleet management software is the heart of the vehicle management process. It is based on a GPS that works via GPRS, satellite, radio, or a combination of all three. Satellite communication is the most expensive method of data transmission, but it is the most effective option for tracking vehicles in remote locations where mobile signal is weak. Satellite is also critical for monitoring vehicles traveling to places where geography limits the capabilities of a GPRS signal.

Learn about the benefits

Vehicle fleet management technology can benefit companies and improve their operations at several key stages.

Promotes a safer working environment

Fleet management is ideal for creating a safe environment for all company employees. More and more employers are adopting this operational process, as it identifies dangerous driving behaviors. In this way, fleet managers can find problem areas and implement training and education initiatives accordingly.

On the other hand, monitoring the vehicles’ condition helps ensure that the maintenance of the fleet vehicles remains safe.

Undoubtedly, the combination of all these positive factors has a domino effect and helps to improve the daily experience of all employees, increasing their satisfaction, effort, and efficiency.

Reduces fuel consumption and maintenance costs

Fleet management technology helps business owners and managers identify the areas where savings can be made at the best time.

Fleet management is ideal for tracking mileage and other vehicle performance indicators when it comes to fuel. As a result, it is easier to identify maintenance and fuel needs. It can help significantly increase the useful life of a fleet’s vehicles.

Fully autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles significantly reduce stress and pressure on drivers, allowing them to concentrate 100% on work orders, updating notes, and sending invoices.

With telematics technology, it could provide these autonomous vehicles with the means to locate traffic jams or other road problems in near real-time and give them an alternative to reroute and avoid delays.

Improves information

Fleet management improves reporting by analyzing your fleet’s performance over time. Through a customized dashboard, it will be effortless to analyze and review almost in real-time the distance traveled, total idle time, duration of stops, vehicle activity, and reckless driving.

Happier customers

Fleet management also benefits your customers’ satisfaction, as they can access the temperature of the goods and the exact time of arrival of their products.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality can also be applied to fleet management and could greatly assist drivers and help them obtain additional safety information on the road.

Vehicle windshields adapt to this technology and could act as screens, displaying information such as flash traffic alerts or a speedometer. Incredible, isn’t it?

Beyond Technology helps you implement the best Fleet Management; check it out!

Fleet management is always in trend and is constantly updated according to the new needs of companies. Don’t wait any longer to enjoy the benefits that fleet management can bring to your company.  Implement or improve proper fleet management with us.

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