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Vet Guardian

Livestock monitoring.

Vet Guardian

Seeking welfare and optimization in the livestock industry

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We know that livestock diseases are a problem that is still very much alive. Consequently, production, economy, and food safety are at risk, resulting in losses of billions of dollars per year.

Preventing sanitary crises through livestock monitoring, early detection of outbreaks, and applying rapid response mechanisms, biosecurity systems, and national traceability is essential to guarantee an optimal sterile status.

Transformation Apps


Striving to reinvent the way the livestock industry operates, we are working on the research and development of an in-rail camera livestock monitoring system to generate data and proactive alerts on a dashboard with:

Barnyard monitoring

  • Temperature and humidity monitoring

Livestock monitoring

  • Temperature and activity monitoring

Stage of gestation

  • Approximate date of birth


  • Individual identification


  • Dimensions and weight


  • Growth forecast

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