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Optical Network Solutions

Network and infrastructure modernization

Optical networks are at the forefront of innovation in a world driven by data, speed, and seamless communication. These next-generation networks are shaping the digital landscape, redefining how we connect, communicate, and collaborate.

At Beyond Technology, we bring you the ultimate transformation through optical networking, ensuring you stay ahead in this digital age.

Optical Network Solutions

Faster innovation

The separation of network functions allows everyone to advance at their own pace, expanding the innovation ecosystem and simplifying the integration of new technologies with open APIs, standardized YANG data models, and compact modular platforms.

Optical Network Solutions

You have several options

We select the ideal products and technologies for each network layer and domain independently from various vendors, avoiding single-vendor limitations and one-size-fits-all solutions that provide limited scope for competitive advantage.

Optical Network Solutions

Cost optimization

Optical Network Solutions

Cost optimization

Minimized vendor lock-in allows innovations that reduce cost per bit to be implemented quickly throughout the optical network lifecycle, with customized network designs providing additional scope for cost optimization.

Optical Network Solutions

Why innovate my Optical Networks with Beyond Technology?

Better speeds

Take on the future with incredible speeds that redefine what's possible. Download, upload, and stream seamlessly, thanks to our greatest allies' world-class coverage and infrastructure.

Reliability redefined

Say goodbye to dropped connections and interruptions. Our optical networking solutions offer unmatched reliability, ensuring your online activities run smoothly.

Security at its core

Protect your data with advanced features built into our optical networks. Rest easy knowing that your information is protected against cyber threats and breaches.

Scalability for the future

As your needs grow, so will our network. Our partnerships with the best global optical network providers are designed to scale effortlessly, accommodating your evolving requirements without compromising performance.

Discover how optical networking can transform industries and elevate experiences across the board:

Enterprise Solutions

Elevate your business with unmatched connectivity. Boost productivity, enable efficient communication, and ensure your operations run smoothly with optical networks designed for business.


Immerse yourself in the world of high-definition entertainment. Stream 4K content, engage in virtual reality experiences, and play like never before with the power of optical networking.

Evolution of Education

Transform learning into an interactive, global experience. Enable real-time collaboration, access vast online resources, and connect with educators and students worldwide using optical networks.

Success stories

Optical Network Solutions

Transforming the network of a leading telecommunications operator to make content available in the 2022 World Cup

Due to the great sporting event that took place in Qatar, they needed to strengthen and enhance their network so that their client could make their services available by offering a correct user experience.

Join us and our biggest partner, Infinera, on this transformative optical networking journey and experience a future where speed, reliability, and innovation converge.

Latest news

Optical Network Solutions

Infinera Networks Global Gold Partner ı Beyond Technology

Infinera Global Gold Partner ı Beyond Technology

Beyond is a Global Gold Partner of Infinera and will drive its clients’ development. Recently, Infinera granted Beyond Technology the status of Gold Global Partner. This status allows us to be part of one of the largest IT networks worldwide. In other words, we have received recognition as a specialized partner for specific solutions, which will help us implement successful projects for the benefit of our customers.

“Projected adoption rates of 5G in Africa by 2025”

In North Africa, Beyond Technology’s strategy aims to meet the growing demand for fiber optic installation and deployments with telecom operators in the region The technology company Beyond Technology, which specializes in transforming business processes through technology, is strengthening its presence in North Africa with a clear commitment to implementing 5G technology on the continent.

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