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Business continuityInfinera Global Gold Partner ı Beyond Technology

Infinera Global Gold Partner ı Beyond Technology

Dieter Kortmann, Director of Management at Infinera, presented the plaque as Global Gold Partner to ZOFF KHAN, CEO of Beyond Technology MEA!

Beyond is a Global Gold Partner of Infinera and will drive its clients’ development.

Recently, Infinera granted Beyond Technology the status of Gold Global Partner. This status allows us to be part of one of the largest IT networks worldwide. 

In other words, we have received recognition as a specialized partner for specific solutions, which will help us implement successful projects for the benefit of our customers. 

Dieter Kortmann, Director of Partner Management at Infinera, presented the plaque to Zoff Khan, CEO of Beyond Technology MEA and South Asia. 

With this partnership, Beyond Technology creates synergies for further growth and development in the IT field.

Why partner with Infinera?

Infinera offers 5G solutions, distributed access architectures, the Internet of Things, and a vast and constantly evolving set of enterprise applications for the cloud. 

By becoming a Global Gold Partner, we add our expertise to deliver solid business value to our customers and end-users.

The Infinera Partner Program is premised on efficiency through simplicity, offering partners an application-optimized portfolio.

This portfolio includes access to metro, long-haul, submarine, data center interconnects, and network transformation. These tools also help improve partners’ ability to build and grow their businesses.

Simplicity includes a straightforward approach to business, providing the tools to develop each partner’s expertise effectively. We are enabling faster resolution of customer challenges and allowing us to expand our market presence effectively.

With Infinera’s expanded portfolio, as partners, we can better leverage innovative optical networking solutions, including the XTM series, DTN-X family, and Cloud Xpress family. These services address the needs of network operators, data center operators, and enterprise and government customers.

Services in which we specialize 

Access and Aggregation

We can offer advanced, high-capacity automation at the perimeter of our customers’ optical network through this service.

This service enables us to meet access and aggregation networks’ stringent capacity and performance demands with coherent point-to-multipoint optics, pluggable and self-adjusting optics, and environmentally resistant DWDM platforms.

Metropolitan networks

Infinera’s metro portfolio provides tools to meet different challenges. Such as point-to-multipoint XR optics and the modularity and scalability of the compact modular platform of the GX series. 

In other words, it allows for eliminating unnecessary hardware and reducing costs while maximizing efficiency, flexibility, and scalability.

Long-Haul Networking

Through optical transport network (OTN) solutions, we can take our customers’ network into the future through easy deployment and operate solutions with architectures designed for it. 

With Infinera’s Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE), there are also more bits in a single fiber while using a fraction of the space and power of other industry solutions.

Submarine networks

Infinera’s submarine networking solution offers industry-leading optical performance and forecast tolerance.

This solution provides cable operators with the lowest total cost of ownership across all submarine cable types.

Data Center Interconnect 

Infinera’s DCI solutions reduce footprint and power consumption through low-power DSP and modular architecture with high-density sleds.

Network Transformation

Infinera enables deep analytics using open APIs, telemetry streaming, and YANG data models of its products.

Thus, helping to improve management and automating the operations and orchestration of network migration.

Beyond Technology, Infinera’s Global Gold Partner is the best alternative for your company.

We are very proud to be Infinera’s Global Gold Partner at Beyond. We know that this will allow us to support our clients further, encouraging them to continue developing and growing in their business areas.

If you are not yet a client, contact us today to learn more about the technology options for your organization.


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