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Beyond Smart WiFi

Change your WiFi network and, for the same cost, include a precision marketing tool and indoor location with route maps, and monetize it by creating a new revenue stream.

We transform your business

With precision marketing, indoor location with route mapping, an automated WiFi network with Artificial Intelligence, and additional Bluetooth and IOT connectivity.

Define and plan a new marketing strategy.

Start making your resources more efficient with better-targeted campaigns and improve customer satisfaction.

All this for the same cost as a regular WiFi network!

Beyond Smart WiFi


Precision marketing

Create Cross and Upselling strategies with better result.

Improve loyalty with disruptive and attractive messages in different formats.

Advertise offers according to user's preferences.

Create a new source of income: sell advertising to your suppliers.

Welcome your customers and employees as soon as they connect to the WiFi network.

Indoor GPS

(indoor location and route mapping)