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Digital TransformationWi-Fi networks with artificial intelligence in medical facilities by Juniper and Mist...

Wi-Fi networks with artificial intelligence in medical facilities by Juniper and Mist ı Beyond Technology

Juniper technology harnesses the power of Wi-Fi networks with artificial intelligence to support digital transformation in the healthcare sector.

The pandemic has imposed unprecedented challenges on the healthcare sector. Healthcare professionals have had to imagine new ways to operate locally within their facilities. The challenge is the efficiency of networked devices.

IT managers are now looking for Wi-Fi networks with artificial intelligence to deliver better service.

Issues such as telemedicine and other initiatives to improve the patient experience require better Wi-Fi networks. Scalability and reliability need to be achieved at the same time to keep healthcare delivery costs under control.

Just like other sectors, the healthcare market has been a target for cyber attackers. Unfortunately, despite companies’ efforts, cybersecurity threats are increasing, and attacks are more successful.

Many attacks enter through Wi-Fi networks. Therefore, healthcare organizations need a more effective and adaptive approach to detect and stop cyber threats.

The role of Wi-Fi networks with artificial intelligence in digital transformation

The network is the lifeblood of modern healthcare. That is why it is crucial to have advanced resources in all connectivity solutions. Furthermore, a medical or hospital environment network must be reliable, secure, and interoperable, so Wi-Fi networks with artificial intelligence should be considered.

It isn’t easy to reap the benefits of a digital transformation process when the Wi-Fi network is managed manually. Unautomated Wi-Fi causes vulnerability, slowness, and lack of predictability. In addition, scaling becomes a challenge, putting the vital mission of a medical and healthcare facility at risk.

The problem is that traditional, manual, network-centric Wi-Fi lacks scalability, flexibility, and end-to-end visibility. In addition, Wi-Fi access points often do not offer integrated navigation and internal geo-targeting functionality that allows clinicians and patients to find their way within a facility easily.

Wi-Fi is the heart of connectivity in any medical or hospital facility

Wi-Fi in healthcare facilities can be highly challenging as it must deal with users and devices connecting and disconnecting from the network throughout the day. In addition, these are networks that must support various medical devices, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, hardware, operating systems, and mobile applications. Wi-Fi networks with artificial intelligence help solve problems in physically challenging environments. Their use prevents performance and experience from being severely impacted.

Juniper’s Mist offers a wireless LAN powered by artificial intelligence (AI)

Juniper provides flexible solutions to modern healthcare facilities worldwide by offering Wi-Fi networking with artificial intelligence.

Thanks to Juniper’s approach, artificial intelligence can be applied to ensure that a medical facility’s Wi-Fi is predictable, reliable, and secure. In addition, the AI approach enables more advanced applications such as geolocation of indoor facility services to locate assets and add efficiency.

Mist Systems (a Juniper Networks company) helps provide a better experience by deploying next-generation Wi-Fi networks. Mist is a wireless LAN (WLAN) powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It makes Wi-Fi predictable, reliable, and measurable while providing users with indoor location experiences.

One example of its power is that Mist AI unifies wired access, wireless access, and SD-WAN solutions. Besides, the use of AI-enabled Wi-Fi networks simplifies end-to-end troubleshooting by improving the experience for clinicians, patients, staff, and guests. 

Better interaction with the patient

For a patient, digital health is present on their smartphone, and that’s where Juniper technology makes the difference because if that device is connected to a Wi-Fi network with artificial intelligence, the patient and visitor experience will always be better.

Juniper technology, harnessing the power of Wi-Fi networks with artificial intelligence, improves patient and visitor interaction. For example, a good network enables real-time information sharing, such as wait times, digital coupons, and vaccination reminders. It also allows routing instructions within the facility to reduce delays in medical appointments that used to happen because the patient didn’t know how to get to the office. Wi-Fi networks with artificial intelligence take advantage of machine learning capabilities. These capabilities make it possible to address any issues that could lead to service interruptions proactively. AI provides visibility and understanding of how users experience the network and makes it possible to identify Wi-Fi problems as they happen or even before they happen.

We bring artificial intelligence to the Wi-Fi network.

As we have already seen, traditional Wi-Fi no longer meets the needs of an organization seeking to offer its physicians, patients, visitors, and collaborators a reliable, scalable, and secure network. Let us introduce Juniper and Mist’s AI-enabled Wi-Fi networking approach.


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