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CloudVirtualization with VMware on your computers | Beyond Technology

Virtualization with VMware on your computers | Beyond Technology

Virtualization is already a reality, don't be left behind and learn about virtualization solutions with VMware and Beyond Technology.

Virtualization with VMware is possible on all your computers

This article will tell you more about virtualization with VMware and how you can benefit your company with this technology.

The new normal brought with it new ways of working and continuing with the operations of organizations through technology, since before, stopping operations were risky for businesses. However, not all companies were ready for a digital transformation, so they had to look for viable and immediate alternatives to fill this gap.

One of the most common solutions to achieve this digitalization is virtualization. Understood as the imitation of hardware for the creation of a virtual system. In Beyond Technology, we are hoping you could meet one of our partners, VMware, to achieve the virtualization of your business.

VMware, a partner of Beyond Technology, is a company that aims to optimize the digital transformation of companies in any sector. In this way, their workers will have a better experience in their work, and thus, they will fulfill their goal by offering better service to their customers.

What is virtualization with VMware?

Virtualization with VMware is a virtual representation of a server, applications, storage, or networks; to help companies reduce their IT expenses and increase the organization’s efficiency.

At VMware, innovation is the premise, and among the advantages of its offer for the virtualization of your company, are:

  • Increases productivity, efficiency, and agility of your company’s IT team.
  • Operations automation allows for faster implementations, resulting in better performance.
  • Provides support and solutions at unforeseen system failures and reduces or eliminates downtime improving business continuity.
  • It distributes applications and resources quickly.
  • There is simplified management of your company’s data, and you have it available in a data center.

Virtualization types

VMware is a company that offers multiple digital solutions on a diverse scale and in any industry. In terms of virtualization with VMware, it provides:

  • Server virtualization: running multiple operating systems from a single physical server through virtual machines.
  • Network virtualization: running applications on a virtual network as well as on a physical network. With significant advantages and without depending on the hardware offered by virtualization.
  • Desktop virtualization: This is the use of virtual machines that your collaborators access remotely from any device and at any time.

Virtualization with VMware is the first step in getting your business ahead of the curve, keeping up with digitalization issues, achieving your business goals, and enabling your IT team to manage their tasks and compliance better.

Digital innovation in business is a must if you want to be competitive and reach more customers. In Beyond Technology, we can find the virtualization services solution with VMware to achieve your goals. Write us, and we will contact you to consolidate the digitalization of your company.


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