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CloudTransform your network with NSX® Advanced Load Balancer

Transform your network with NSX® Advanced Load Balancer

Transform your network with NSX® Advanced Load Balancer

Load balancing refers to the distribution of incoming network traffic across a group of servers.

Some of today’s high-traffic sites must handle hundreds to millions of concurrent requests from users or customers and display text, images, video, or data from corresponding applications quickly and reliably.

To meet those requirements and deliver a good experience modern IT best practice generally requires adding more servers or migrating to the cloud.

Load balancing acts as the “Officer in Transit” in front of your servers and routes client requests across all servers to satisfy those requests in a way that maximizes speed and capacity to ensure that no server is overloaded, as saturation could affect performance.

The load balancer redirects traffic to the remaining online servers if a single server fails. When a new server is added to the server group, the load balancer starts integrating it and automatically sends requests to it.

This way, VMware will solve the need to provide a good user experience to those thousands of requests.

A significant challenge, solved by VMware NSX® Advanced Load Balancer

Network operations teams are transforming the tools in their on-premises, private, and cloud environments to evolve with the times and deliver capacity to the enterprise. However, to reap the full benefits of digital transformation, a key hurdle needs to be modernized: load balancing.

Now that enterprises rely on applications and cloud computing is transforming the digital landscape, legacy application delivery controllers (ADCs) can’t keep up.

However, network operations teams are so busy managing existing operations that they often can’t keep up. Existing operations often can’t take the time to consider alternatives.

NSX® Advanced Load Balancer (formerly Avi Networks) is an application service and load balancing platform with a single network management point. This modern platform provides multi-cloud load balancing to network operations teams. It also provides essential application services such as security, automatic scalability, powerful application analytics, and container networking.

The platform integrates tightly with both on-premises ecosystems and public and private clouds. NSX® Advanced Load Balancer does not require VMware NSX and can run in any environment.

Advantages of VMware NSX® Advanced Load Balancer

  • Increased operating efficiency

NSX® Advanced Load Balancer software replaces hardware appliances, automates manual processes, and delivers consistent multi-cloud load balancing capabilities. Network operations teams save time and become more productive.

  • Elimination of the costly hardware refresh cycle.

What VMware has developed is software. Configurations are automated, and upgrades are easier. The platform eliminates the need to replace costly hardware periodically.

  • Coordination, automation, and lifecycle management

The Avi controller is much more than the simple management interfaces that traditional load balancer vendors often favor for centralized control.

  • Flexible load balancing with automatic recovery

Through an active-active configuration, when one load balancer fails, the rest of the load balancers in the fabric take over the load immediately.

  • Dynamic capacity scalability

Automatically detects increased traffic and adapts to meet demand, unlike traditional ADCs.

  • Respond to business unit needs with self-service.

Administrators set up self-service, and the platform automates processes and business

processes and business units manage application deployments.

  • Simple troubleshooting avoids inter-departmental finger-pointing

The software has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to troubleshoot problems and leverage actionable analytics. Simple troubleshooting can prevent disagreements between application and network teams when applications don’t perform.

  • Operate on shrinking budgets

NSX® Advanced Load Balancer saves on staffing, hardware, and maintenance costs. In addition, increased productivity and business impact (measured by revenue throughout use) can generate further savings.

  • Modern load balancing backed by VMware, a company you know and trust

VMware acquired Avi Networks and entered the modern load balancing market in 2019. Improved application support and visibility and provides maximum security for your enterprise network.

  • Fully supported migration from legacy devices.

VMware developed automated tools that simplify load balancer migration.

Accelerating the transition to the multi-cloud and delivering applications in a consistent manner

VMware NSX® Advanced Load Balancer ensures a fast, scalable and secure application experience delivered through software-as-a-service (SaaS) or on-premises options. Avi helps customers, including 25% of Fortune 50 companies.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more or implementing a load balancer that will enable you to achieve 90% faster provisioning and 50% lower total cost of ownership. Beyond Technology and VMware are strong partners that will assure you of a successful implementation.


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