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Digital TransformationThe challenges of the Digital Education Experience

The challenges of the Digital Education Experience

The challenges of the Digital Education Experience

The challenges that teachers have faced with the pandemic are enormous. Teaching at a distance requires different platforms without neglecting the Digital Education Experience they must provide to their students.  

Here we tell you how to face this challenge. 

Current status of the Digital Education Experience 

If we talk about how education has benefited through the digital education experience, we must know the importance of digital evolution. 

  • 78% of students make use of technology to develop their careers.  
  • 85% of college processes could be made easier and faster through a mobile app. 
  • At least 61% of private schools use data to improve student success. 
  • 81% of students connect with two or more devices to the school’s network simultaneously. 

This tells us that the digital education experience must be improved. Over the years, technologies have evolved to facilitate the use of platforms such as virtual classrooms so that no matter where you are in the world, you have access to education. 

Benefits of virtual classrooms 

Having a virtual classroom offers teachers and students many benefits and can enhance the educational experience that everyone is involved in.  

As of 2018, around 35% of students take at least one online class during their time within the school. It was the pandemic when schools were forced to use virtual classrooms, and as a result, a new way of educating has been adopted at scale. 

Schools today are now more prepared to adjust to emergencies that may arise with digital education experience.  The pandemic made us act quickly and adapt to new forms of education, challenging the traditional education model.  

By having a digital education experience, you can ensure that education continues uninterrupted for the benefit of all students.  

Whether the classes are face-to-face, through virtual classrooms, or hybrid, there is always a classroom ready for the students. 

Schools should be equipped with digital education experience to offer flexibility and accessibility. These are currently the most significant benefits schools can provide students with.  

The digital education experience makes it much easier to achieve school goals, especially when some of their learning can be tailored to their schedules. 

How an excellent virtual classroom should be structured  

Building an excellent digital education experience can be a significant challenge for many teachers. They must create an environment that helps students stay engaged with the materials and the lessons.  

These are just some of the points to be considered for the correct use of the virtual classrooms:  

  • All students should feel involved in expressing their ideas, interacting with the materials, or asking questions. 
  • The virtual classroom should help make the content engaging. The visual elements used in traditional classrooms should also be seen in virtual classrooms.  
  • Virtual classrooms should also focus on student learning. Inevitable distractions are expected to hinder learning, which occurs less in traditional classrooms, but environments should be created where there are minimal distractions. 

At Beyond, we have partners like Monet, specializing in improving the digital education experience worldwide.  

The learning process that has taken place over the years has evolved, and we must be constantly updated. 

As we have discussed, virtual learning involves many challenges and innovation to achieve a quality digital education experience.  

Contact us to provide you with solutions to ensure your online education is engaging and effective. Beyond Technology will make sure you are using technological tools to your advantage. 


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