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Digital TransformationReduce fleet management costs by using telematics data | Beyond Technology

Reduce fleet management costs by using telematics data | Beyond Technology

Do you already have some software, tool, or digital platform for this? Telematics is an integral part of fleet management.

Telematics in fleet management solves big problems

Telematics is the technology that allows a vehicle to communicate with an external source such as fleet management software. Telematics tracks speed, location, rapid acceleration, and signs of drowsy or distracted driving data.

Telematics helps keep fleets safe and productive and can also help fleet managers keep costs down in several ways. In this article, we break down some of the ways telematics can help reduce the cost of fleet management.

Fuel use reduction

Fuel usage is usually the first component that drives up the cost of maintenance in fleet management. It may seem unavoidable, but driver behavior has a significant impact on fuel usage. Telematics can track metrics such as excessive idling, which wastes up to half a gallon of fuel per hour. In addition, drivers who engage in aggressive driving behaviors use 10.9% more than calm and collected drivers.

Telematics can identify aggressive driving behaviors and alert fleet managers before generating unnecessary costs to the company. Fleet managers can assign training and teach drivers the consequences of these behaviors.

Finally, telematics tracks location; so fleet managers know when drivers are on unauthorized trips. These trips waste company fuel and fleet managers can alert and educate the driver whenever they see unauthorized vehicle use.

Fleet management reduces accidents

Driving with telematics means safer driving. Telematics tracks signs of distracted and drowsy driving, two of the principal causes of accidents in fleets. The Federal Police indicate that the causes of accidents on federal highways about 80% of the time are due to distracted driving by the driver. It is a common problem that every fleet management must address.

Accidents can cost fleets thousands of pesos, and this amount increases if there are injured persons, not to mention the cost of insurance premiums and lost time on the job.

Avoiding accidents is in the best interest of fleet management safety but also the best interest of your budget. Fleet managers can take action when they see signs of distracted driving by employing in-cab guidance to address the problem in real-time. Preventing accidents benefits everyone in the long run.

Reduction in breakdowns

Telematics also helps to keep vehicle maintenance up to date. Keeping up manually with dozens or hundreds of vehicles is impossible. Therefore, fleet management telematics software is necessary to help in this regard.

Telematics alerts fleet managers when a vehicle needs maintenance. With fleet management software, managers can even set up routine maintenance alerts. Preventive maintenance is a must for any fleet, as it increases the longevity of fleet vehicles. Breakdowns cost fleets thousands of pesos in lost revenue and repairs, so it is critical not to wait until breaks down on the road.

Reduction of insurance premiums

Most insurance companies will offer a discount for fleets using telematics. It is a benefit that goes beyond all its valuable features. Telematics increases the security of a fleet, making it less risky for the provider to insure.

Even if an insurance company does not offer a discount for having telematics, fleet managers can collect telematics data to show proof that their drivers are safe and have low risk to the insurance company.

Reduction of downtime

Telematics maximizes efficiency so fleets can get more work done in less time. It means more customers and a better reputation for the company. Route optimization software, fleet management software, and security measures rely on telematics to run daily operations.

Efficient fleets get more work done, have better reputations, and have higher customer satisfaction than those that still struggle to follow up manually.

Make fleet management super-efficient

Overall, telematics gives fleet managers much more power to help fleets be more effective, safer and ultimately save costs. Telematics can save fleets money in many ways that many managers already take advantage of and others that most managers don’t even realize Contact Beyond Technology to take your fleet management to the next level.


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