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Business continuityNext generation firewalls Juniper: scalable network security for the cloud

Next generation firewalls Juniper: scalable network security for the cloud


More and more organizations are transitioning to the cloud or digitizing processes. However, this also attracts cybercriminals who are constantly developing new weapons to evade detection and compromise corporate defenses. Next generation firewalls Juniper (NGFW) are designed to address these situations. 

Next generation firewall Juniper services provide integrated threat protection with application awareness. They also protect user identity and content inspection with scalability and high performance. 

Next generation firewalls Juniper have evolved to become the ideal solution for visibility, control, and prevention at the network perimeter. Threat protection starts with complete visibility into who and what is traversing the network. 

Key features of NGFW 

The key features of Next generation firewalls Juniper that will strengthen the security of your organization are the following: 

  • Block known malware. 
  • Control web browsing through robust URL filtering categories or block malicious sites. 
  • Prevent unauthorized use with segmentation and user-based security policies. 
  • Understand remote user security policies. 
  • Identify and take action on high-risk applications. 
  • Protect against network-level exploits. 

How can Next generation firewalls Juniper help? 

Technology Powered by Mist AI Juniper enables next-generation firewalls to extend security to all connection points in your network, from the client to the workload. 

It also helps protect users, applications, and devices without sacrificing reliability or performance. Another critical point is that Next generation firewalls Juniper help reduce the attack surface. This is thanks to the visibility and artificial intelligence that generates reports to act automatically. In other words, it reduces risks in an automated way. 

Thanks to Juniper Mist AI, inline decryption and inspection of inbound and outbound Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections on the SRX firewall provide greater visibility and protection against threats embedded in SSL encrypted traffic. 

Reduce the risk of attack and protect users, applications, and devices through identity-based policies, micro-segmentation, VPN connectivity, and threat prevention with Next generation firewalls Juniper

The network threat intelligence center, available as a cloud service or on-premises appliance powered by Juniper Mist AI, enables you to protect your organization against known and unknown threats. It also allows you to assess and verify device and IoT risk and analyze encrypted traffic. 

Provide remote workers with secure access to corporate and cloud resources. Also, provide consistently reliable and secure connectivity to any device anywhere. 

At Beyond Technology, we help your organization deploy Next generation firewalls Juniper to protect your information. Contact us and request more information to help your business transformation through technology. 


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