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Digital TransformationLearn about desktop virtualization ı Beyond Technology

Learn about desktop virtualization ı Beyond Technology

Desktop virtualization is the solution for secure remote work. Learn how you can implement it with Beyond Technology

What you need to know about desktop virtualization

New work practices have changed the way teams are managed since the trend is to bet on remote work. However, one of the main concerns is to ensure good information management when implementing these technologies. There are digital solutions that can make easier teleworking efficient and meet its objectives; one is desktop virtualization.

Now you will learn what desktop virtualization is and how it could help you manage your team to meet business goals.

What is desktop virtualization?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is the storage and arrangement of virtual machines on a server. These are delivered to users remotely, ensuring that the administrator can easily apply policies, updates, and other tasks.

This desktop virtualization allows the IT team to centralize information and thus strengthen its security and good management. In addition, through this implementation, employees will have all the tools they need to perform their work optimally, available at all times.

While there may be a dependency on the server with desktop virtualization, the benefits are more significant for the IT team and the rest of the employees.

How does virtualization improve the management of your company?

If you are still not sure that desktop virtualization is the solution you need, here are some of the benefits that virtualization will bring to your organization’s daily operations:

  • Access to information from anywhere and at any time, regardless of the device.
  • You can create and eliminate virtual desktops in seconds.
  • Since it groups all resources in a single data center, cost reduction optimizes the hardware purchase budget.
  • Improves security and copying the information, making efficient backup and recovery.
  • Increases productivity of the IT team and other collaborators by providing quick responses and almost immediate problem resolution.
  • A solid and professional virtual infrastructure will allow you to manage information for your customers, ensuring quality work and service continuity.

Remember that any digital implementation requires an expert to accompany you, provide support and troubleshooting at any time. We can help you ensure that desktop virtualization is efficient for your company.

In Beyond Technology, we have the best team of experts to make your company’s virtualization a reality. We have more than 30 years in the Information Technology sector. We want to meet you, write us, and let’s find the ideal solution for your company to transform it digitally.


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