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CybersecurityHow does Monet Facial Analysis work? | Beyond Technology

How does Monet Facial Analysis work? | Beyond Technology

Discover the benefits that implementing Monet's Facial Analysis technology can bring to your company.

In recent years, technological advances have presented innovative ideas to meet the needs of different markets. Among these technological advances is Facial Analysis technology, better known as facial recognition.

It is becoming more and more common for companies to bet on this AI (artificial intelligence) tool created by Monet.

Monet aims to provide solutions and improvements to large brands that wish to implement Facial Analysis in their processes.

In this article, you will learn the most important things about Monet’s facial coding and the benefits it can bring to companies. 

What is the facial recognition system?

Facial Action Coding (FACS) is a system capable of recognizing the facial muscle movement of people when recorded with a camera.

This Facial Analysis system facilitates the interpretation of the micro-expressions that occur in people as a conscious or unconscious result of being exposed to a stimulus and encodes each observable component of facial movement as a unit of action.

To simplify, Monet’s Facial Analysis technology can identify people’s emotions in response to a stimulus by analyzing even their subtlest gestures.

Advantages of implementing it in your company

There are many uses for Facial Analysis. It is used daily to unlock smartphones by simply placing the face in front of the camera.

In companies, Facial Analysis technology can be implemented to know the emotions that customers experience when purchasing their products or services, predict the success of their next releases, improve the online user experience, and much more. Next, we share the primary industries that make the most of this technology with you.

 Three industries where technology is used:

  1. Politics: Facial Analysis technology is implemented during election campaigns to know the candidates’ degree of acceptance and popularity and predict the winner.
  2. Market research: Market research agencies have been venturing to offer analysis with this facial coding system to their clients in recent years.  This allows them to understand their audience better and make better marketing decisions.
  3. Entertainment: On many occasions, TV or movie producers want to know if their next premiere will be successful. That is why, during the last few years, they have implemented Facial Analysis technology to predict if it will be well accepted by the audience. Such was the case of the study on the movie “The Lion King,” where thanks to the patented Monet analysis platform, it was possible to capture the emotional response of 2,400 viewers in 8 countries in 36-48 hours quantifying the nostalgia provoked by the Lion King trailer. 

With Monet’s Facial Analysis, you can detect the needs of your company’s customers to offer them a better service and gain their loyalty.

Start using the best facial recognition tool to plan and execute genuinely effective marketing strategies for your company! Contact us for more information.


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