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CybersecurityGPS to prevent theft | Beyond Technology

GPS to prevent theft | Beyond Technology

Here are some tips to consider if you are thinking of acquiring a GPS to prevent theft.

GPS technology not only helps you reach your destination, but it can also help you avoid theft in your fleet and avoid damaging your business to a great extent.

In this article, you will find out why you need a GPS to prevent theft and the benefits for your company.

GPS systems are an effective tool to prevent the theft of any vehicle in your fleet or cargo.

As an entrepreneur or fleet manager, we know that one of your biggest challenges is that your company is a victim of theft, not only of the goods being transported but also of the vehicles belonging to the fleet or even the fuel left in your tank. That’s why a GPS to prevent theft is essential to ensure the safety of your fleet.

The latest data published on goods stolen in Europe from transporters indicate that the value of stolen cargo exceeds 8 billion euros.

Measures to prevent theft

Remember to take some of these measures into account to avoid theft or looting; take note!

Take extreme precautions during loading and unloading.

Most thefts occur during loading and unloading, so make sure that someone is watching the doors and not leaving the keys in the ignition. It is also advisable to look for safe places that are well illuminated and frequented by other vehicles.

Store the truck in a closed and guarded place.

When you have to leave the fleet vehicles at night or on weekends, make sure it is in a closed and guarded place.

Do not leave the vehicle overnight.

Did you know that most thefts occur in rest areas and during the night? If you transport goods over long distances and your drivers spend the night, make sure that they do not leave their vehicles. If they do, make sure they leave it in an enclosed and guarded area. Otherwise, you could have insurance problems.

Use an alarm or GPS to prevent theft.

Alarms are a great ally to prevent theft, and the best thing is that there are many types. One example is the alarms to prevent fuel theft. Implement a fleet management system that includes GPS to prevent theft.

Here’s how this technology works, so pay close attention.

GPS to prevent theft: How does it work?

As we have already mentioned, a GPS to prevent theft in your company will help you manage your fleet and avoid possible theft. With them you will obtain different advantages:

Real-time location and tracking of your vehicles

A GPS to prevent theft allows you to know in real-time the exact location of each of the vehicles in your fleet and door sensors that inform you when a door is opened. Custom alarm systems help you create alarms that tell you when a vehicle moves during your drivers’ break times or whenever the doors are opened.

Remote power lockout

If you suspect that your vehicle may be stolen, with a GPS to prevent theft, you can activate the remote ignition lock to avoid someone from taking the vehicle.

Benefits of a GPS system to prevent theft

As you can see, these systems are an excellent ally for your company and help you greatly to facilitate the management of your transport company, manage your tasks, remember critical issues, and offer reports that will help you make the right decisions or find solutions to problems.

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