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Business continuityTake advantage of eyetracking analytics

Take advantage of eyetracking analytics


Sight is the sense through which we relate most easily to our environment. Thanks to our eyes, we can read the news, go shopping, interact with other people, and so on. Therefore, it is a fundamental source of information for making decisions. That is why this time we will talk about eyetracking analytics

Eyetracking analytics is a technology that allows us to measure the level of visual attention of a person to some external stimulus. This allows us to detect areas of greater visual attention and the percentage of visibility of elements. The order of visibility of elements allows us to see what is the first thing that attracts attention and other indicators. 

How does it work? 

In eyetracking analytics, what is done is to focus light from infrared cameras on the participant’s pupils. This causes reflections in both the pupil and the cornea. It is precisely these reflections that provide information on eye movement and direction. 

Basically, this facial analysis provides information about eye movements and fixations to assess attentional processes. In addition, the behavior of a group can be compared and different responses to visual stimuli can be measured. 

The devices used for eyetracking analytics can be fixed. In this way, sensors are attached to record the movement of the gaze in interaction with a screen on which a stimulus is displayed.  

Mobile devices, on the other hand, are in the form of glasses or visors that can be worn while performing an activity. This makes it possible to record the interaction by interacting with real elements. An example of this could be at the shelf of a supermarket to search for a specific product. 

Application of eyetracking analytics 

Platforms like Monet are in charge of performing eyetracking analytics and applying it for the benefit of different areas of study and for different companies. What Monet does is decode the gap between what people say and what they really feel thanks to a detailed facial analysis. 

Now, eyetracking analytics technology can be applied in: 

  • Market research and consumer behavior. 
  • Design of web applications, mobile apps, advertisements, and packaging. 
  • Eye patterns during reading in the media and in the education sector. 
  • Media advertising evaluation. 
  • Sports performance improvement. 
  • Productivity improvement in operations. 
  • Medicine, Psychology, Behavioral Economics, etc. 
  • Interaction with video games. 

In this way, we realize that facial analysis, especially eyetracking analytics, are resources to analyze graphic pieces, videos, websites, and so on. Similarly, it also allows us to analyze services and we can use tools such as Monet to implement better marketing and advertising strategies. Or also, to generate more attractive content for our users. 

The implementation of Monet in your company will help you to optimize different processes. This way, you will know better what your customers expect from your brand or what they are looking for in a particular service or product. 

At Beyond Technology, we help you implement tools like Monet. You will be able to perform eyetracking analytics that will help you to better develop your organization and boost your sales and growth. Visit our website and request more information.  


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