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Digital TransformationDigital Education: A new learning model driven by AI technology 

Digital Education: A new learning model driven by AI technology 

In 2022, the university experience changed completely, driven by digital disruption and the pandemic. We went from classrooms full of students socializing in the hallways to Digital Education, where teachers and students have had to adapt to a virtual school experience. 

With the reduction of restrictive measures, many schools decided to abandon Digital Education and return to the old model. 

However, the students have raised their hands, asking for the best of both models. 

Students are asking for a hybrid education with interactive real-time classroom and face-to-face interaction with their classmates and friends at the University. 

It is the voice of young people that opened the debate and put in the spotlight the idea of many universities to maintain a model that is archaic today. 

The model of knowledge based on theory and rote learning significantly limits the skills of future professionals.  

With Digital Education, we have much more practical learning thanks to various skills learned with different tools that will help students to perform more easily and quickly in the workplace. 

Monet Analytics and its benefits for Digital Education 

Monet Analytics is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered platform designed primarily to build data in a humanized way.  

It helps to understand the gap between what a person says and feels by capturing, detecting, and analyzing human behavior, gestures, emotions, and other sensory inputs. 

At the Digital Education level, Monet Analytics can help by capturing and decoding learners’ subconscious emotions. 

This can provide a complete picture of what they think, feel, and do while viewing some classroom content.  

Monet Networks uses sentiment analysis and nonverbal cues to increase real-time engagement and feedback on content. 

That is, while students are in a class with virtual content, through different tools, you can evaluate how they feel about how they are instructed on a particular topic.  

Thus, teachers and educational institutions can redefine the curricula and the tools used to teach. 

But also agreements with specific institutions or companies based on what students think of them. 

The interactive real-time classroom allows this interaction with students and the analysis of their subconscious behaviors to generate better content to help them improve their skills and abilities.  

Undoubtedly, Monet Analytics is an excellent ally for Digital Education.  

It allows to enhance the benefits for students, teachers, and educational institutions through the implementation of more effective education: 

  • Inclusive 
  • Innovative 
  • Improving skills and jobs  
  • That generates more significant synergies with the private industry for training and attracting better-prepared talent. 

Reach out to the experts 

At Beyond, we also work with schools that want to make a faster transition to Digital Education.   

Contact us if you want to implement the Monet Analytics tool to improve curricula and support the development of students in a time of digital disruption. In that case, we can help you implement and evaluate results. 


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