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Contextualization of emotions: workflow solutions

How do I know which is the best audience for my content? This question can generate many problems when analyzing carefully every aspect involved, from the study objective to the type of content. The best way to achieve this is to humanize the data in creativity. This is what is known as the contextualization of emotions. 

What is the contextualization of emotions? 

Dr. Anurag Bist developed contextualization of emotions (or COE) to leverage the value of Facial Action Coding (FACS). It was fostered to predict human reaction by understanding the nature of the engagement and propensity to take action associated with specific emotions. 

That is, this medium takes cognizance of subconscious emotions. In addition, these emotions are what drive people’s decisions about what they see, choose, buy, and even how they vote. 

Monet Humanized Data and the use of the circumplex model of affective response for the benefit of your company. 

Monet Humanized Data is the first AI-driven platform to humanize data in creativity. They use the contextualization of emotions and the affective circumplex model by harmonizing conscious and subconscious emotional reactions. This with the help of attitudinal and behavioral data for any content, context, and audience. 

The circumplex model of affective response maps the affective reaction states of the neuropsychological systems of emotional engagement and arousal. In this way, Monet Humanized Data can quickly report findings. For this reason, decision-makers can see the big picture to make the best decision in real-time. 

Take the entertainment industry, for example. Using the contextualization of the emotions model, you can optimize everything from pilots to promotions based on real feelings.  

What does this mean? You will be able to project ideas from the initial stage. This will allow you to perform different promotional angles in various formats. Or you can run trailer and ad tests with content enhancements and shorter formats that allow for a higher level of awareness. 

However, testing can be done not only with short videos. With contextualization of emotions from Monet Humanized Data, it is possible to optimize the content of long formats of up to an hour or more. In this way, subconscious and conscious reactions are passively captured on a scene-by-scene granular basis. This will allow you to understand audience groups’ positive and negative emotional peaks to make the best editing decisions. 

Monet Humanized Data workflow process and contextualization of emotions 

The workflow process with Monet Humanized Data is quite simple. First, you have to frame the study, then schedule it and start. In this first phase of the project, you will define the study’s objective, the type of content and number of assets to be tested, and the intended audience. 

Subsequently, the findings must be analyzed using the Monet AI platform. This is precisely where the contextualization of emotions and the circumplex model of affective methods are applied. 

Finally, the last step is to report your findings. With Monet, you will have a quick report of your results. This way, you will make the best editing decisions in real-time. You will know the effect of lifting or dragging critical strategic and/or creative components and emotions per scene or frame. 

Undoubtedly, Monet offers a wide range of benefits to companies in different industries. This is thanks to the use of methods such as contextualization of emotions and the circumplex model of affective to react, in real-time, to the subconscious and conscious reactions of an audience. Whether for the entertainment industry, politics, or advertising agencies.  

With contextualization of emotions, you can better understand your audience and what they are looking for. Therefore, you will be able to create better-targeted strategies and content focused on reaching more specific goals.  

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits that contextualization of emotions and the circumplex affective model can bring to your organization. We are Beyond Technology. 


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