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CloudServer virtualization and its advantages | Beyond Technology

Server virtualization and its advantages | Beyond Technology

The importance of server virtualization in your company

This article will tell you about server virtualization and how it can help you achieve efficiency in your company’s operations. Likewise, you will be able to properly manage all the information that is handled without being at risk and accessible to all employees.

The speed at which technology advances has accelerated business transformation, which has allowed the creation of solutions tailored to each organization, always focusing on security, efficiency, and mobility. One of the multiple implementations to add value to your business through technology is virtualization.

Virtualization is the representation of a physical system through simulated environments, which reduces IT costs and increases the efficiency and agility of organizations by being a bridge between operating systems and hardware. For example, various applications can be hosted and used from a server.

What is server virtualization?

A server is a system that stores information that provides functionality to various programs. On the other hand, server virtualization is a process that aims to restructure a single server into several small isolated virtual servers that operate independently.

It is unnecessary to have a new server to make server virtualization, but the existing one can be divided into several through virtualization.

The advantage of implementing server virtualization is that each independent server can operate individual tasks, which simplifies both the acquisition of physical servers and their administration and reduces server costs in the long term. In addition, investment in virtualization provides the basis for upgrading and keeping the digital infrastructure up to date in the future.

Advantages of server virtualization

There are five major advantages to implementing server virtualization:

  1. Each independent server operates individual tasks.
  2. Simplification by not requiring physical servers.
  3. Efficiency in administration and reduction of long term costs.
  4. Savings by not requiring a physical site and not having to implement all the requirements that this implies.
  5. Increased security by not depending on a physical location and being able to count on virtual backups.

Virtualization makes it possible to improve and keep the digital infrastructure up to date.

How does it improve my company’s operation?

Having a virtual server is an advantage for your company’s IT team. It increases their productivity by allowing them to implement certain applications in less time.

One concern in the implementation of this type is the level of information security. However, this technology allows the creation and storage of backup copies. In the event of an incident, the information can be recovered without any problem.

You can implement server virtualization without worries. A professional and qualified team can do it with proven processes, which guarantees the smooth running of the process.

Although the technical part of virtualization is important, it is even more important to be advised by a qualified team. The support of trained specialists ensures the success of server virtualization in your organization.

Knowledge, accompaniment and support

In terms of virtualization services, Beyond Technology has specialized solutions. We accompany you to achieve your global IT objectives, with support in each phase of the implementation.

Do you want to know how to virtualize servers in your company? Come to us, we will find the ideal solution to make your business more efficient!


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