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CybersecurityNetwork automation with AI is a fact - IMPLEMENT IT! | Beyond...

Network automation with AI is a fact – IMPLEMENT IT! | Beyond Technology

There are two letters that have caused a huge technological debate in recent years on network automation issues: AI. Let's talk about it!

Network automation occurs with AI on your side 

On the one hand, there are people and companies that have seen and realized the real positive impact of AI for network automation and that is changing the game in business and enterprise with the world on their side. Basically, AI has given them an edge over their competitors. 

According to a global survey conducted by Juniper Networks among 700 IT decision-makers from different types of companies, it was found that the majority of people who have implemented AI say that all the time invested has been returned and has been worthwhile for employees. Those same employees mentioned being more comfortable and in agreement with the flow in the operational and end-user experience. 

On the other hand, unfortunately, there are still a lot of organizations and executives who have decided to stay on the sidelines, although they have not been dived into the AI waters to be informed either. When asked why they responded that they basically have a negative perception because they are uninformed about it and have taboos. They simply don’t know about AI and its benefits in the business world. 

It’s time to put away myths about AI 

There is such a level of ignorance that sometimes it seems we are not even talking about the same thing. So, if it is such a beneficial technology, why are we waiting so long? 

The top three barriers to AI adoption for network automation highlighted in that survey were: 

1.- AI-ready technology stacks: It can be remarkably difficult to sort through all the technology upgrades required to build the solid, cloud-based infrastructure needed to process and manage enterprise-grade AI-quality data. 

Organizations are just beginning to understand the integration challenges and investment required to obtain AI-ready technology that can input and process the quality and unbiased data needed to adapt and develop scalable AI-enabled solutions. 

2. – Preparing the workforce: Organizations are still struggling to prepare their workforce to integrate with their AI solutions and take advantage of the emerging data source that could be applied to network automation AI technologies. 

Even with enabling technology in place, the struggle to prepare and expand the workforce to integrate with AI systems and take advantage of emerging data sources can have a negative effect on your search 

3. –  AI management, not to mention oversight. Interdisciplinary and executive involvement in the monitoring and mitigation of reputational, operational, and financial risk associated with AI is critical, yet it is another organizational barrier that must be overcome if AI is to be successfully implemented. 

Artificial intelligence + humans = ideal combo 

Many people are reluctant to AI for network automation because they feel that they are going to replace them for good, they are afraid of their “ethics”, their modus operandi, that they will become a disposable workforce. The thing about artificial intelligence and humans is that they are better together, it’s not about “one or the other”, it’s about both. AI is a tool to help us become more efficient along with our own human brains. 

AI is proving to have the incredible potential to free employees from routine and mundane tasks so they can focus on additional value-added activities, leading to increased organizational speed, superior performance, and increased employee satisfaction. AI (contrary to popular belief) contributes to job creation, although these jobs require different skills than those at risk of being replaced by automation. 

As consumers, we quickly accept and take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning in our lives: think of the automatic redirection in Waze when we drive or Alexa programmed to turn on the lights at home when asked. Sometimes, AI also works its magic unknowingly, such as when a doctor prescribes a certain treatment based on a diagnosis from an AI tool. 

In the business world, it should be the same, the fear, uncertainty, and doubt around the technology should lead to the excitement, optimism, and proven results of other organizations that have already taken the plunge and fully embraced network automation with AI. In fact, nearly 2/3 of organizational leaders surveyed by Juniper indicated that AI is one of their top priorities in their strategic plans for 2021. 

Get started now, implement network automation with AI 

Contact Beyond Technology today to achieve IT infrastructure simplification, implementation of real AI workforce training, and implementation of the right AI management. 

Improve your organization now, we can help! 


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