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Digital TransformationMarketing with Guest Wifi for your business! | Beyond Technology

Marketing with Guest Wifi for your business! | Beyond Technology

How to take advantage of the Wifi tool that everyone knows, but not everyone knows all the benefits and how it can help you in your business.

Marketing with Guest Wifi for your business!

Let’s talk about marketing and free Wifi, or instead how to market with the guest Wifi of your restaurant, beauty salon, fashion boutique, etc. Have you ever considered it? If the answer is no, you are in the right place because nowadays, it is easier than ever to take advantage of your Wifi networks.

One more tool in your arsenal

Marketing is a process that has become fundamental for every modern company that seeks to keep up with new technologies in the market and improve the buying/selling experience of products and services. To do there are many methods we talked about it in a previous article. If your company has physical space, in addition to SEO, Social Media Marketing, Direct Email Marketing, Google Advertising, and the like, you can add an extra weapon to your arsenal.

You can equip your restaurant with a Wifi system for free,  also called Guest Wifi, which offers the possibility to retrieve your customers’ data through a registration form fully compatible with the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation). The process is simple, to access the network,  register via email, social network, or SMS, write down the credentials provided by the system, whether accepted, you can navigate. But what are the advantages?

Fidelity and real data

It opens up a wide range of possibilities on how to manage the retrieved data. SociFi’s Wifi Spot, for example, allows you to manage the data collected through a control panel. You can view the connection history and see who is online in real-time. The important thing is the possibility to export the contacts through the format of a .csv file, which you can upload to your favorite marketing tool such as mail chimp, iterable, etc.

The data obtained through registration must be genuine. What does it mean? Registration by e-mail, for example, to get login accreditation, your address must be actual. Otherwise, the user will not be able to log in and will not be authorized to browse. The same situation occurs with social accounts and registration via SMS. Thus, the data can be good enough to perform a loyalty operation, promoting products and services, offering discounts and coupons based on the hours of navigation or the number of times the customer connects to your network.

In addition, from the control panel, you can see how many times the customer returns to your restaurant and know if he is a recurring customer or not. Then, you can advance to the marketing level accordingly by implementing possible loyalty campaigns or benefits for constant consumption.

Promotion of services

In the previous paragraph, we saw how the data obtained are genuine, and in this one, we will see how to market with the Guest Wifi of your premises. SociFi, during the registration phase, directs the customer to a personalized landing page ad hoc to your business. You can use it as a kind of virtual showcase to promote products and services, as well as your social channels, or even redirect users to your home/main- site, and thus generate traffic.

If you wish, you can also redirect users to your eCommerce, an action that can be useful if you want to make the brand known. However, bearing in mind that if the user access from within your facilities, it will probably not be able to generate a conversion, since the customer will do it physically on the place.

A creative way to promote your business through Guest Wifi can be giving a name to your network. If you are in a shopping mall, for example, you can call it by the name of your restaurant and attract those trying to connect nearby. You can also monetize your Guest Wifi network, opening it and offering it as a new space for awareness and promotion of your brand and products to nearby companies. Earn money thanks to SociFi instantly.

100% Business protection

Last but not least, protect yourself and your customers. How? Having a dedicated guest surfing network is essential. First of all, you keep your internal Network safe, away from malicious people who could carry out illegal activities for which you would be legally responsible (the Network is yours). With a monitoring system like SociFi, for example, you can know who is surfing at any time on your premises. The user must register to access the Internet, thus providing you with data that makes him identifiable, all accordingly with the GDPR.

Acquire tools to help you achieve KPI’s

As you can see, your Wifi is for more than just surfing the internet. It can help you generate operations and marketing strategies using tools such as those from our partner SociFi. The right system can become the winning weapon to retain your audience and provide excellent customers services. Get in touch now! At Beyond Technology we have fantastic tools for your business or company.


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