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CybersecurityIoT device security: a challenge for all | Beyond Technology

IoT device security: a challenge for all | Beyond Technology

Security in IoT devices has become paramount for all companies that are making use of these great technologies.

IoT device security is paramount in a world as connected as ours

No company should ignore the great possibilities of IoT. We are surrounded by interconnected devices such not taking into account their benefits could be a mistake for companies that want to stay competitive and in constant growth. Growing is unstoppable such one of the highest risks is the security of IoT devices, the strategies companies must follow to protect internal and customer data.

The Internet of Things refers to the interconnection of objects in a network. Each can interact and exchange information, which means that machines communicate with each other. What does the rise of IoT mean for businesses? It means that consumers are more connected, their needs and habits connect between them, and therefore we need to extract data to better understanding. The more we use devices, the more they collect data that we can use to improve customer service, marketing, and the creation of new products and services. For companies, it is a marvel, but it has also become a challenge due to the large amount of personal information that moves through the network.

How far can this information be used, how is privacy and protection against IoT threats ensured? When it comes to technology, advances in privacy and security should always be of paramount importance. Because IoT devices involve access to people’s movements in real-time, it allows tracking behavioral habits that may or may not use for illegal acts. That is why security is of paramount importance.

What are the steps to take to improve enterprise security when talking about IoT?

Every company must have an explicit security strategy that involves both technology and the human factor. This security strategy must follow specific steps. These can be: 

  • Strategy development itself

For this, the company must know what data it wants to handle, what it wants to protect, and what is for each one. Then, it must define how it will have control over that data and make a policy to safeguard it.

  • Knowing the risks well

Before starting any strategy, all the risks in the model used for data flow must be analyzed and assessed. Understanding how each software, device, and storage system works and what the potential hazards are.

  • Employees training

As we said before, security in IoT devices also has to do with the human factor. All employees, especially those who handle data, must know the strategy already developed and the risks. They must be aware of dealing with sensitive information and have adequate training to ensure good security practices.

  • Thinking about every advance

How do you want to leverage IoT, why? What does each advancement you add to your business mean? Every service provider counts, and you have to be well informed about all of them. Do not add technology just for the sake of it, do it because your company needs it.

How vulnerable are we? How necessary is security in IoT devices?

The truth is that despite the great benefits of IoT, it is necessary to emphasize that we are very exposed. One of the biggest problems is that of passwords and encryption. But this does not mean that we dispense with technology for large companies; on the contrary, companies must go ahead and implement the advances they believe necessary, otherwise they will become obsolete.

What it does mean is that security needs special attention. That is why Trustonic can help companies protect apps, devices, and everything interconnected with the Internet of Things, so there is confidence in their use and handling. When it comes to keeping safe smartphones, wearables, healthcare devices, and more, it is a reliable tool all about security. Trustonic is also scalable, which means it grows with the business and its needs. At Beyond Technology, we can guide you in IoT device security through essential tools such as Trustonic. We want your company prepared for every challenge to continue on its path to obtain all the competitive advantages that technology offers. In the face of known vulnerabilities, it is better to forewarn. And for proper prevention, it is better to have the best options. Contact us.


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