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Digital TransformationFind out which vehicle is best for your fleet and why ı...

Find out which vehicle is best for your fleet and why ı Beyond Technology

We explain the importance of fleet management and what is the best solution for your fleet.

What type of vehicle is best for your fleet?

Purchasing new fleet vehicles takes up most of the business budget, so fleet owners must choose the right ones. Identifying the best vehicles for your business presents one of the biggest challenges for a fleet manager, especially those with less experience. In addition to keeping your operation running, there are other vital factors to consider.

Factors to consider when choosing the best vehicles for your fleet

Making the best procurement decision is the enigma of every fleet manager. Here we look at the best considerations when choosing adequate vehicles.

#1. Use and operation 

Whether you are leasing, financing, or buying your fleet vehicles, make sure they are adequate for the intended purpose. Deciding based on manufacturer or brand limits the choice for many buyers. Instead, focus on vehicle capabilities and performance to meet the unique needs of your fleet.

To determine suitability, look at the following attributes: 

Vehicle size and load capacity:

Determine if you need specialized transportation capabilities, such as refrigeration, transporting oversized or severely heavy materials.

Roads and terrain: 

Consider the routine roads and routes a vehicle will use. Determine whether you will use this vehicle for long road trips, off-road work, or urban stop-and-go patterns.

#2. Drivers 

Consider purchasing fleet vehicles that are suitable for the job and also safe for the drivers. Drivers spend many hours on the road, sometimes in rough terrain.

You have to consider their physical well-being while driving the vehicle. A manufacturer should provide a demonstration of all vehicle functions, showing their suitability for drivers. If any of your drivers require special considerations, take this into account.

#3. Size of the fleet 

Examine the possibilities of scaling your fleet with the future of your company. 

Determine if you have plans to grow as a company or consider acquiring more vehicles in the future. 

Your organization’s fleet growth planning should be strategic and go hand-in-hand with your overall business growth objectives.

In the same spectrum of company growth, consider whether you plan to expand and possibly relocate into new geographic areas. 

#4. Cost 

The cost of the vehicle fleet is not the most important factor when purchasing or leasing new vehicles, although you should still consider it.

When prioritizing the price of a truck, you are likely to make the mistake of only looking at short-term benefits and overlooking long-term expenses.

Taking into account important aspects such as vehicle usage, required specifications, business projections, and driver safety and comfort can generate significant savings in fuel and maintenance.

#5. Upkeep and Maintenance  

Some vehicle makes or models demand more maintenance. Even with preventive maintenance programs established in-house, considering the specific requirements of different vehicles are very important to generate savings and reduce the total cost of ownership. Routine service requirements, parts, and labor costs can add up to ridiculous amounts. 

Be sure to check all warranty details. 

Your fleet needs Beyond The Wheel  

The factors to consider when choosing the best fleet vehicle are specific to each business and its needs. 

Third-party tools, such as fleet management software, are invaluable for the fleet manager to understand all fleet-related data and determine the best vehicles for different business needs.

At Beyond The Wheel, we have a deep understanding of the different requirements of a fleet and have the right tools for contemporary fleet management.

Install the best fleet tracking system on all your vehicles to receive real-time information about their performance. This data helps you determine the performance of different vehicles, including fuel consumption and maintenance demands. Get in touch now! 


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