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CloudConnect to multiple clouds faster and more securely with SD-WAN | Beyond...

Connect to multiple clouds faster and more securely with SD-WAN | Beyond Technology

A multi-cloud SD-WAN strategy offers many advantages to ensure process efficiency and business continuity in a disaster. Read the article.

SD-WAN is an essential tool in modern companies 

The growing acceptance of the cloud as a critical platform for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications, services, and data, coupled with the rise of a significant number of cloud platforms and application providers, has led many organizations to adopt new cloud strategies with SD-WAN

According to a survey by RightScale, now part of Flexera, about 84% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy. A multi-cloud strategy offers many advantages to organizations, including single-vendor failover, redundancy and disaster recovery, cost optimization, performance optimization, and the ability to select the best cloud environment for specific workloads. 

Using multiple clouds helps IT departments leverage several locals (data center) and cloud-based (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS) resources to enable agile IT operations. 

But connecting to the cloud or multiple clouds requires a secure and agile network that offers reliable connectivity to all cloud platforms. Here is where SD-WAN can provide organizations with the cloud on-ramp they need. SD-WAN examines all possible routes and then chooses the best transport option for best performance, directly from the branches or home offices, providing optimal connectivity to IaaS cloud platforms. 

Benefits and multiple connectivities 

By employing VMware SD-WAN, our customers can enjoy many benefits when it comes to multi-cloud connectivity. We explain them to you:

  • Tight integration with cloud platforms such as Google Cloud, AWS Transit Gateway, and Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN creates a WAN with near-seamless connectivity between the enterprise and the cloud. It enables local PoP preference to ensure the best possible performance, complete reporting of cloud usage, and analysis of any detrimental factors such as packet loss or increased latency. 
  • Another critical point to note here is that this tight integration provides automated connectivity to these cloud platforms. In turn, it allows to quickly identify and correct any application performance degradation that may occur. 
  • We deliver applications through which enterprises can establish seamless connectivity from users to clouds, IaaS, and SaaS platforms based on defined business policies, with proactive traffic steering and prioritization. 
  • Reliability and quality of experience are significant when it comes to the cloud. SD-WAN avoids backhaul traffic destined for the cloud from the branch office to the data center. It not only adds latency but also leads to a poor user experience. Thus, according to established business policies, traffic from the branch office should be optimized and sent directly to the cloud. 
  • Security and visibility are critical to the Internet, cloud and IoT, and the vulnerabilities they bring. SD-WAN provides visibility into traffic sources, destinations, and offers options for security and IT managers across the data center and at the perimeter. 
  • Network segmentation is essential when dealing with customers in multiple cloud environments. With segmentation capabilities, customers can isolate some traffic flows, applications, and network segments. 

Learn how to boost your agility in multiple clouds in our webinar 

Discover how the VMware SD-WAN solution facilitates a smooth network transformation by providing a seamless path to multiple clouds. Contact Beyond Technology, we are experts in implementing multi-cloud connections by SD-WAN in the fastest and most secure ways. 

With us, you will get optimized and secure connectivity, eliminating performance degradation and enabling the best user experience in an agile and cost-effective way.


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