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Learn more about us as a Employer Branding!

For 30 years, we have been working on our service philosophy, being clear that satisfied collaborators = satisfied customers; that is why we continuously generate tools, methodologies, and practices to improve it and establish long-term relationships.

In Beyond Technology, one of our objectives is to be a different company through all those who represent it. That is why we developed the “Beyond Profile,” made up of 8 human competencies identified in each of the collaborators from the moment they are attracted. Then, we continue building and strengthening them through training plans, recognition programs, and daily actions.

  • An attitude of service – passion in what you do
  • Active listening – empathy before acting
  • Innovation – unlimited creativity
  • Proactivity – determination to improve
  • Risk-taking – empowerment to act 
  • Decision making – productive actions
  • Work of excellence – give an extra in what you do
  • Self-taught – curiosity and discipline to grow

Each  Beyond profile competency reflects the importance of the human being integrally, involving and recognizing each of the collaborators as critical pieces, considering their opinions and contributions to continue growing together as Beyond.


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