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CloudBecome competitive with data migration | Beyond Technology

Become competitive with data migration | Beyond Technology

Competitiveness goes hand in hand with technology. So don't get left behind; start your data migration process to the cloud with Beyond Technology.

Increase your competitive advantage with data migration to the cloud

Nowadays, it is essential to consider that remote work is here to stay and that companies must take all the necessary precautions. For this transition to take place in the best way, we have the data migration to the cloud without affecting the company’s operation. 

One of the essential points is to ensure that all the resources necessary for remote work are available at all times. In this way, employees can access them remotely, and it is possible thanks to correct data migration to the cloud.

This article will tell you about the advantages of migrating to the cloud with our partner, AWS.

What do you need for accurate data migration?

Data migration to the cloud is the process of transferring data from one infrastructure to another, which has brought companies up to a 51% reduction in operating costs. However, there is a hybrid option, which allows you to take advantage of your company’s infrastructure, along with the implementation of virtualization solutions. This option will give greater flexibility to your business.

Before you start implementing the data migration, you must take into account the following points:

  1. Planning: This step is vital to achieving correct data migration avoiding failures or losing information.
  • Internal transformation: Your team of collaborators must have enough advice to achieve the migration by communicating its advantages for the development of their daily tasks.
  • Get advice from a group of experts that will support each of the actions to achieve the migration; this way, you will establish the necessary confidence to manage your company’s information.

Be competitive with data migration to the cloud 

Currently, migrating to the cloud represents the opportunity for your business to grow, increase productivity, and more benefits, such as:

  • Increased profitability by having efficient teams.
  • Creation of more profitable virtual environments.
  • Increased productivity by having reliable, high-performance applications.

According to IDC figures,  IT teams are 62% on average more efficient, and application developers up to 25% more productive, with proper data migration.

With data migration, your company will become agile, dynamic, flexible, and competitive by operating with the best technology. It is time to successfully migrate your company to the cloud with AWS, which offers comprehensive services such as storage, database, IT tools, among others.

With more than one million customers, AWS has extensive support and expertise in cloud-related technology services. These solutions are tailored to the type of industry you target and the goals you want to achieve. Want to know how Beyond Technology and AWS can help you migrate data to the cloud professionally and efficiently? Write us; we have the right solution to start transforming your company technologically.


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