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CloudAdvantages of cloud management with VMware ı Beyond Technology

Advantages of cloud management with VMware ı Beyond Technology


VMware cloud management contributes to deployment, operations, applications, and infrastructure optimization; in the data center, at the edge, and in the different clouds.

Unified cloud management enables you to accelerate business transformation in the cloud, available on-premises or as a service. It also allows you to operate applications consistently and analyze the cloud’s cost, usage, security, and control to manage different clouds.

Why is cloud management important?

A multi-cloud organization faces the proliferation of silos, resulting in a lack of efficiency and increased risk. Therefore, cloud management is essential to seamlessly provision, monitor, protect and optimize workloads across the application portfolio and different clouds.

Having a single control plane for management helps you support any application architecture and cloud mix. Last but not least, it accelerates service delivery, optimizes efficiency, and strengthens security and compliance.

VMware cloud also enables you to accelerate service delivery with a modern platform for developers. In addition, it provides a self-service user experience in a multi-cloud environment.

VMware Cloud Management has a global reach

With VMware cloud, you can securely manage your cloud environments and digital workspaces worldwide.

Here are the benefits of deploying VMware cloud in your organization.


Here are the advantages that VMware cloud can bring to your business:

Agility acceleration

VMware cloud fosters innovation through a self-service consumption experience, accelerating the distribution of infrastructure, platforms, and application services.

Cloud control

With VMware cloud, you can manage risk and control its multi-cloud environment by simplifying financial management, strengthening security, and automating compliance.

Performance Optimization

VMware cloud enables you to maximize resource efficiency, unify visibility and optimize performance at minimal cost by delivering end-to-end intelligent operations.

Freedom of choice

You’ll enjoy the consistency and flexibility of using a single control plane to manage any application architecture, cloud, and infrastructure, on-premises or as a service.

VMware Cloud is ideal for your business

There is nothing like ensuring better operations and consistent optimization of your company’s applications, infrastructure, and better data management. Learn more about deploying VMware cloud for your business with Beyond Technology on our website.


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