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CybersecurityThe Corero DDoS Solution that protects your business | Beyond Technology

The Corero DDoS Solution that protects your business | Beyond Technology

Learn how to protect your entire network, users, applications, and infrastructure against DDoS attacks with our Corero DDoS Solution.

Today, it’s much easier to protect your users, applications, and infrastructure against DDoS attacks with the Corero DDoS solution. Likewise, it’s easy and achievable to get high performance at scale with your current equipment and get automated DDoS protection at the edge.

Likely, your network is not enabled to best combat DDoS attacks with greater sophistication, magnitude, and frequency. To that end, you can anticipate and prevent these threats by adding the protection offered by the Corero and Juniper DDoS solution to your existing MX Series routers.

What is a DDoS attack?

A DDoS attack, or distributed denial of service,  is a malicious attempt to disrupt traffic on a server, service, or network, overwhelming the target or surrounding infrastructure with a flood of Internet traffic.

DDoS attacks coordinate many compromised computer systems to create attacking traffic. The targeted equipment includes computers and other networked resources such as IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

How does a DDoS attack develop in which the Corero DDoS solution protects you?

DDoS attack development

During a DDoS attack, multiple requests are sent simultaneously from different points in the network. The intensity of this crossfire significantly compromises the stability and availability of the service, posing a higher threat to the experience of your employees and users.

A DDoS attack is developed in this way:

  • The operating server sends and receives packets usually.
  • The DDoS attack is caused by bandwidth overload or exhaustion of system resources.
  • The network becomes saturated, so the server cannot process legitimate packets among the mass of incoming information.

Here are the benefits and protection against DDoS attacks that you get with the Corero DDoS solution and Juniper Networks.

Implementation benefits

These are some of the incredible benefits you get with the Corero DDoS solution and Juniper Networks, take note:


You can enjoy line speed mitigation at the edge of the network, scaling from 100 GB to 40 TB, and most importantly, without compromising performance.

Mitigate attacks 

Protect your network against volumetric DDoS attacks in real-time, using packet-level visibility and machine learning algorithms.


Increase your revenue through Corero DDoS protection and solution as a service.

You, too, can protect your company with the Corero DDoS solution.

The Corero DDoS solution and Juniper Networks are designed to work seamlessly with your existing MX Series platform. To implement this network security for your business and customers, access our official website, and we will gladly help you!


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