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CloudInternet of things Blockchain, how does it work?

Internet of things Blockchain, how does it work?


Within the business environment, digital transformation is progressing quickly and providing new technology solutions. This transformation encourages the creation of solutions to various business problems in various industries. These solutions significantly impact how businesses are managed, secured, innovated, and operated. One of them is the Internet of Things Blockchain. 

Internet of Things Blockchain allows devices connected to the Internet to send data to private blockchain networks. In this way, manipulation-resistant records of shared transactions can be created. In other words, it allows your business partners to share and access IoT data without centralized control and management. 

Internet of Things Uses: uses and benefits of IoT and Blockchain 

As already mentioned, Blockchain will enable the creation of more secure network networks, where IoT devices interconnect securely and reliably, avoiding threats such as device counterfeiting and impersonation. 

What solutions does the Internet of Things Blockchain offer? 

  • Build trust in IoT data: In the Internet of Things Blockchain, each transaction is recorded, placed in a block of data, and added to a secure and immutable data chain that cannot be changed, only aggregated. 
  • Rely on additional security: Among the Internet of Things Uses is the ability to select the data to be managed, analyzed, customized, and shared among customers and authorized partners. 
  • Greater flexibility: One of its most important advantages is that it is open and interoperable, and its design is adapted to the multi-cloud
  • New efficiencies: Processes are streamlined, and new business value is created within the entire ecosystem by leveraging the data provided by IoT devices and sensors. 

Concerning the Internet of Things Blockchain applications apply to various industries and segments. Some of them are: 

  • Freight transportation: With the Internet of Things Blockchain information such as temperatures, position, arrival times, and even the status of shipping containers can be stored as they move. In addition, transactions are immutable and help ensure that all parties can trust the data and take action to help move products quickly and efficiently. 
  • Component tracking and compliance: It also tracks components in an airplane, automobile, and so on to ensure safety and regulatory compliance. The stored data in the Internet of Things Blockchain is shared and allows all parties to see the provenance of components throughout the entire lifecycle of a product. 
  • Operational maintenance: Another of its applications is tracking critical machines’ safety status and maintenance. Engines, elevators, and others can be recorded by Blockchain, providing a record of operational data without tampering, as well as the resulting maintenance. 

Undoubtedly, the Internet of Things Blockchain offers multiple advantages in terms of security, flexibility, and operability for different industries. 

At Beyond, we help your company to apply this and other technologies that allow you to join the digital transformation to improve your performance. Contact us. 


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