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CybersecurityJuniper and its AI support digital health in medical facilities| Beyond Technology

Juniper and its AI support digital health in medical facilities| Beyond Technology

A network that leverages automation and artificial intelligence is a requirement of any system that meets the expectations of digital health.

In healthcare, where the goal is to have environments that achieve digital health expectations and where critical medical applications are used, having a good network is a minimum requirement.

The digital economy is transforming the healthcare sector by imposing a pace to support accelerated innovation. As a result, patients have higher expectations than ever before, and new competitors are emerging from non-traditional markets offering disruptive digital health solutions.

Digital transformation is necessary for actual digital health

Digital transformation in the healthcare sector is a requirement. And the IT infrastructure, which supports the digital operation of healthcare organizations, plays an important role. Rapid adaptation is now required to enable scalability and better control of operating costs.

To truly accelerate the digital operation of healthcare organizations, a new approach is required. It demands taking advantage of the automation and insights offered by artificial intelligence. A healthcare facility’s network can deliver optimized and trusted experiences for clinicians, patients, visitors, and staff by leveraging AI tools.

Wi-Fi is the heart of a digital health system in any facility

In a healthcare environment, users are under pressure and stress, and unreliable, non-efficient, and not continuous connectivity doesn’t help. Traditional Wi-Fi is often unpredictable. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The dynamics of today’s modern hospital, dealing with different departments and the growth in the number of IP-based devices, challenges wireless connectivity.

Moreover, many hospitals present challenging radio frequency (RF) environments where static Wi-Fi or manual channel and capacity assignment Wi-Fi is not optimal.

The healthcare industry needs to go beyond traditional Wi-Fi. It requires a predictable, secure, and brilliant solution, in line with the demands of its own business. The network must help achieve a digital health offering. It requires networks that operate optimally 24/7/365.

Juniper AI solutions can help

Juniper has an artificial intelligence offering focused on Wi-Fi network management that represents a valuable tool for healthcare organizations.

Juniper’s AI-powered healthcare network architecture is the foundation of digital health. It generates environments that enable reliable, secure, and flexible networks for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, commercial medical and administrative offices.

Mist Systems (a Juniper Networks company) delivers the power of AI by unifying wired access, wireless access, and SD-WAN solutions. Artificial intelligence simplifies end-to-end network troubleshooting, autonomic network operations, and information exchange between the client and the cloud. In short, AI improves the user experience.

As an advanced AI environment, Mist also features a virtual network assistant called Marvis VNA. The assistant provides an interactive conversational interface that gives simple recommendations to complex problems saving time and money. It maximizes the value of the network infrastructure.

All types of medical facilities can benefit

A secure and reliable network is critical to moving towards digital health, from a small clinic to a large hospital. The Juniper solution, powered by Mist AI, offers concrete benefits:

  • Automation and expertise to ensure the best wired and wireless experience for staff and patients.
  • Guest Wi-Fi networks are easy to set up with just a few clicks.
  • Cloud-hosted operations provide seamless day-to-day management with virtually no downtime.
  • By integrating Wi-Fi, IoT, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and other location technologies, Mist Cloud Architecture enables the integration of highly accurate indoor location services with scalability, resilience, and flexibility that aid patient safety.
  • Real-time location service combines personalization, data analytics, and operational simplicity to provide route navigation, complete visibility, and asset location.
  • Reduced operating costs through intelligent automation.

A better experience for administrators

For management, Juniper’s solution enables you to safeguard your asset investment by locating and tracking moving assets; it can identify the location of ventilators, infusion pumps, wheelchairs, and other critical goods with an accuracy of 1 to 3 meters.

It makes the work of network administrators faster and more efficient. Thanks to Mist’s artificial intelligence, they can identify faults quickly. For example, it lets you know whether Wi-Fi fails due to a connection capacity problem or a time-to-connect problem. In addition, the solution makes it possible to determine whether it is a wired or wireless access problem, including whether the failure is only affecting one user in a group of users.

Such a solution can be the foundation for a healthcare facility to operate better with a next-generation Wi-Fi network.

We help to create a trusted digital health environment

Digital health requires ensuring a better local connectivity experience for patients, visitors, doctors, and employees of clinics and hospitals. Contact us, and we’ll introduce you to the benefits of Juniper and Mist to move towards next-generation Wi-Fi networks.


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