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Digital TransformationGuest Wifi the new swiss army knife of modern marketing ı Beyond...

Guest Wifi the new swiss army knife of modern marketing ı Beyond Technology

We explain why Guest Wifi has become so important and how it influences modern marketing.

Wifi: The swiss army knife of modern marketing

Turn your public wifi into a marketing tool: build customer loyalty, promote your brand and get user profile information with guest wifi.

75% of consumers are willing to share their data to get something in return. Many people are ready to be contacted by stores, brands, and suppliers in exchange for a small gift or a personalized service made available to them. It is an immeasurable advantage for those who own a business and are willing to increase their revenue. The tool to implement this strategy is guest wifi.

Wifi: from the necessity to the business opportunity

Connection in a world where mobile work is becoming more and more widespread through smartphones, tablets, and laptops that are constantly used is now a fundamental need. In addition, consumers’ usage of wireless connections is continuously growing. The latest surveys evidence that people would always be willing to sacrifice many habits to have a wifi connection.

Now,  nightclubs, stores, and activities should provide a guest wifi connection. Most customers are looking for it for work, study, “time-wasting,” or leisure.

Providing wifi within a commercial activity, hotel, waiting room, bar, public space attracts those who wish, or must, to stay connected for personal or professional needs.  In addition, customers appreciate service, so they last longer at the club or the store. Therefore, wifi also becomes a business opportunity for those who choose to open their network to the public.

Take advantage of your welcome page

One of the most effective and exploited tools to monetize guest wifi is the welcome page (also called the home page), where all users land the first time they connect to the service. On the page, it is possible to insert texts, images, and other independently defined content. Thus, it becomes a multimedia communication channel between the visitor and the hotspot, rich in functions, easy to use, and implement. Using widgets and CMS, you can directly import your CSS, independently publish texts and images containing advertisements, promotional offers, service information, even the latest information about the weather where you are.

The page displays all users who connect to the structure’s wifi network, including those who connect with their device without browsing the Internet.

Welcome pages can be used to post offers, advertisements, promotions, or digital coupons. Therefore, customers will be asked to leave their name, address, email address, and phone number, information that can be used for future marketing campaigns, promotion of products, services, and special offers.

Increasing social commitment

Other features can be associated with guest wifi, for example, connecting the user to social networks. It is possible to ensure that, at the time of access, the user takes the opportunity to “Like” the company’s Facebook page or add a company’s geolocation post on the user’s Facebook wall.

Direct marketing and personalized communications

The implications of direct marketing are also important: it is possible to send promotions to users who log in, via SMS, social networks, and email, based on the contact information provided during registration


Finally, we should not underestimate geolocalized promotions (the right message in the right place) and Analytics tracking. Thanks to data analysis, it is possible to create comprehensive reports related to users accessing the network.

In short, the resources that guest wifi can make available to managers, retailers, and companies are numerous and powerful. It’s all about using them and integrating them in the best possible way within your business strategies. So contact us now and get the best social wifi tools and solutions in the industry.


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