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UncategorizedCreate innovative experiences through IT ı Beyond Technology

Create innovative experiences through IT ı Beyond Technology

Discover in 4 minutes of reading why Beyond is a company that inspires us towards the future. Read the article here.

We are living in an age of rapid advances in technology in the areas of infrastructure, mobility, IoT, and cybersecurity. The COVID-19 pandemic has further acted as a catalyst for digital transformation. But there has been a big gap between new technologies, the changing marketplace, and the ability of the companies in these industries. Beyond Technology came into being to address this important gap.

After 30 years of integrating technology in multiple industries and in many parts of the world and having extensive experience with the creation of GEMA International (a mobility services provider based in Switzerland and covering more than 80 countries), Beyond Technology was established to increase global presence in other technology areas, laying the foundation for Beyond Essence (the company’s culture) and its business transformation platform (Beyondware™).

Beyond Technology has worked ceaselessly with the leading technology providers in the market, tackling problems of many sectors. The company has implemented communication backbones for the most important carriers in multiple regions, digitized and completely evolved clients’ business processes allowing them to operate in a more effective way, complying with local regulations where they operate. It has integrated technologies from various suppliers into a single technology platform, adding value to the business.

The company’s model is currently divided into two types of projects:

  • Technology integration in telecom involving advanced routing, optical, SDN, orchestration, and automation, mobility, bots that help automate mobile processes, multi-cloud with the main providers (AWS, Google, and VMware), and network virtualization.
  • Development of micro-segmented disruptive business apps through Kubernetes, specific development of IoT devices according to the business processes to be automated and AI integration, specializing in ML & DL.

The Miami, Florida-based company’s Beyondware™ platform incorporates all the above technologies to transform its clients’ business. The company goes beyond the technology, focusing on processes and how well it can improve them through innovative technologies.

Driving Digital Transformation

Today, companies are constantly struggling to reinvent themselves. Beyond Technology’s business model allows it to understand the clients’ requirements and objectives, propose new processes and disruptive applications and then determine the best technology to support them, not the other way around, like many others. The company integrates technology and professional services into its clients’ operations to create innovative experiences and drive digital transformation.

The Beyondware™ platform allows, in a modular way, to implement technology elements that improve repeated organizational processes by adding innovative technology. The platform is deeply impressive and helps in a lot of areas, including:

  • Facial expressions recognition in all applications
  • Internet-connected smart devices (IoT) that generate constant data to make simple decisions in some processes
  • Adding AI to understand, analyze and simulate where the process response should go
  • Processing large volumes of information with Big Data
  • Implementing multi-cloud offerings in all areas for our customers

All in a secure, expeditious, and low-cost environment. The company also develops applications for specific processes in less than two months.

A critical part of the company’s digital transformation product and service offerings are its partners and their contributions. Some of its partnerships have existed since day one of the company’s 30-year journey. Beyond Technology constantly evaluates market demands and sees how it can continue to meet the customers’ needs with new partners as well.

Beyond Technology carefully selects the leading vendors in each niche, and keeps itself certified and updated on its technology solutions while maintaining the highest levels of specialization ( part of the company’s culture) continuously investing in process and technology training, participating in strategic partners meetings, and seeking closer relationships with staff at all levels, from the CEO to the most specialized engineers. Some of Beyond Technology’s key global partners are Juniper Networks, VMware, Google, Infinera, Samsung, Zoho, Money, AWS, and NGIN Services.

Beyond Essence

Any standout company today relies on a great culture internally to produce great outcomes for its clients. This internal company culture is responsible for producing innovations within its ranks. Beyond Technology’s passion is to provide the best customer service. This allows the company to be part of their customers’ organization, helping them to overcome their challenges, being empathetic as professionals and humans at every moment and point of contact. The company aims for long-term client success, actively supporting those who recommend them for the level of service they provide. Each and everyone at Beyond Technology thinks that every contact they have with their customers is what is called as ‘a moment of truth.’ An opportunity to help meet their business needs and the company prepares its organization for that moment.

For this very reason, Beyond Technology established a dodecalogue called Beyond Essence that governs its action. Beyond Essence defines Beyond Technology’s culture and is divided into the following pillars:

  1. Beyond Profile are the attributes that the company’s employees must have in order to represent the values of the company.
  2. Beyond Recognition, maintaining the highest accreditation in what the company offers.
  3. Beyond Balnce, an internal program that promotes self-care and invites all employees to find a balance between work and the eight key areas of human life (professional, family, health, personal, social, financial, spiritual, and couple).
  4. Beyond Innovation, constantly seeking innovation in what the company does or in what the clients and partners do is also part of the essence.

The Road Ahead

Beyond Technology is currently working with other international leaders to offer state-of-the-art innovative products and services that complement its business model. The company’s primary focus will continue to be on developing business applications that enable it to transform processes through the Beyondware™ platform.

To position itself beyond the curve, Beyond Technology is developing AI applications to help clients transform their businesses; everyone at Beyond Technology believes it is important that technology is used within business processes to transform companies.

Looking ahead, the company is keen on expanding its presence in Europe and one additional Latin American country. Beyond Technology in the medium term is also setting its sights on Asia, starting with Singapore.

The Leader Upfront

Jorge Mandujano, Chairman of the board and CEO

He is also currently Chairman of the board of GEMA, a Switzerland-based company with global coverage for Mobile Device Management.

He has acquired extensive experience starting as a support engineer and during his professional life has held roles ranging from database specialist, systems manager, technology director, salesperson, commercial director, marketing director, and general director, to the current position. He has been a speaker at several world-class technology exhibitions and seminars, a professor of technology and business (marketing) careers on multiple occasions, and a board member of several global technology companies.

His experience in business and technology areas has allowed him to learn from batch processes to high technologies, through the beginnings of databases, current operating systems, Machine Learning & Deep Learning, hierarchical and relational databases to current database management consoles.

“We go beyond technology, focusing on processes and how we can improve them through innovative technologies.”


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