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CloudWhat is SD-WAN technology, and how does it work? | Beyond...

What is SD-WAN technology, and how does it work? | Beyond Technology

Discover how SD-WAN technology works and the benefits of implementing this technology for your company. Learn more.

To be on the same page, before we explain what SD-WAN technology is and how it works, you should know that SDN is short for “software-defined networking.” It describes a network technology that uses software instead of hardware components to centrally configure and execute a wide range of network-relevant configurations. It means that this approach is in stark contrast to past practices where this was done using hardware components.

Now, SD-WAN is short for “software-defined wide area network” or, in a few words: a WAN that is controlled by software.

Implementing an SD-WAN solution is becoming increasingly popular among companies interested in interconnecting their franchises worldwide. New uses drive this shift for the cloud, and fundamental changes in user sharing, working from home. In addition, it pays special attention to the growing bandwidth requirements that require revolutionary network topologies.

Read on, and you will learn how SD-WAN technology works and the benefits your company can begin to enjoy if you implement this solution.

How does SD-WAN work?

SD-WAN technology works as a virtual network above the pure network connection level (the virtual network is usually Internet transport technology, Ethernet or MPLS) and can be programmed using SDN (software-defined networking).

The main difference with the well-known MPLS-based wide area networks is that the SD-WAN solution separates the data plane strictly. It carries the actual data and the control plane responsible for controlling the communication, e.g., routing policies.

Benefits of implementing SD-WAN technology

SD-WAN technology will give you greater flexibility to deploy and run global networks and also offers significant cost reductions in:

  • It offers lower connection costs than MPLS, thanks to the use of hybrid network access (broadband Internet and Ethernet).
  • Optimizes bandwidth utilization by configuring the active-active operation model of the hybrid network access.
  • SD-WAN technology potentially reduces hardware acquisition, leasing, and maintenance.
  • Reduces personnel costs for network operations.
  • Simplifies configuration changes and troubleshooting.

Do you want to implement SD-WAN technology in your company?

Now, you know how SD-WAN technology works and why it is essential to implement this solution in your company. So, come to us and solve all your doubts about this excellent solution for your company.

Visit our official website and learn more.


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