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Guest Wifi the new swiss army knife of modern marketing ı Beyond Technology

Wifi: The swiss army knife of modern marketing Turn your public wifi into a marketing tool: build customer loyalty, promote your brand and get user profile information with guest wifi.

Become competitive with data migration | Beyond Technology

Increase your competitive advantage with data migration to the cloud Nowadays, it is essential to consider that remote work is here to stay and that companies must take all the

Learn about desktop virtualization ı Beyond Technology

What you need to know about desktop virtualization New work practices have changed the way teams are managed since the trend is to bet on remote work. However, one of

Reduce fleet management costs by using telematics data | Beyond Technology

Telematics in fleet management solves big problems Telematics is the technology that allows a vehicle to communicate with an external source such as fleet management software. Telematics tracks speed, location,

B-Fleet Innovation: Vehicle Fleet Productivity Manager| Beyond Technology

Are you looking for a fleet manager for your vehicle fleet? Then, we tell you what to consider and why to think about B-Fleet Innovation. There are many reasons why

Juniper and its AI support digital health in medical facilities| Beyond Technology

In healthcare, where the goal is to have environments that achieve digital health expectations and where critical medical applications are used, having a good network is a minimum requirement. The

Work remotely and securely with digital workspaces | Beyond Technology

Ensuring business continuity with digital workspaces The pandemic has gone from days to months, and the initial chaos caused by the coronavirus has gone from novelty to normality. Therefore, the

The benefits of the Trusted User Interface (TUI) | Beyond Technology

The future of app security Trusted user interfaces (TUIs) are the next big step in ensuring safety and security for critical mobile apps. Beyond calling, chatting, and accessing the Internet,

Marketing with Guest Wifi for your business! | Beyond Technology

Marketing with Guest Wifi for your business! Let’s talk about marketing and free Wifi, or instead how to market with the guest Wifi of your restaurant, beauty salon, fashion boutique,

Server virtualization and its advantages | Beyond Technology

The importance of server virtualization in your company This article will tell you about server virtualization and how it can help you achieve efficiency in your company’s operations. Likewise, you

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