New technologies: The use of tools such as Augmented Reality can favor the generation of new experiences that minimize physical contact.

Business Applications: Having business information to make real-time decisions right at the moment the customer is being served.

Digital Twins: Models with identical characteristics are created but in a digital form that allows experimentation with new business models.

Demand Planning: Being able to anticipate user needs based on past buying patterns.

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By 2021, 65% of companies will have adopted technologies focused on improving the customer experience.
It is the fastest-growing industry in terms of personnel employment, adding a new worker every 2.5 seconds.
It is responsible for approximately 20% of the world’s GDP.

  • Diverse competition: It is one of the sectors with the most varied and diverse competition, so differentiation is key to gaining market share.
  • Customer experience: Customer satisfaction is key for the sector, so it must have efficient and optimized processes.

  • High operating costs: The economic burdens of salaries and social benefits should be leveraged with the maximization of time worked.
  • Covid – 19: It is a high contact sector, so they have to have high safety and hygiene standards.

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