Collaborative economy: Use information technology to link those who have the capital with those who seek financing without the intermediation of a bank through web developments.

Fintech: Use of technology to make life easier for the customer by delivering experienced financial services such as: online credit, online currency exchange, online payments, digital banking, among others.

Blockchain: Information is secured through shared online databases in which transactions, amounts, dates and participants are recorded anonymously by means of cryptographic keys.

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56% of financial sector managers recognize the importance of having Blockchain in their business, but 57% do not know how to respond to the challenges it poses.
Only 47.1% of the population is banked in Mexico, ranking it among the Latin American countries with a low penetration of electronic means of payment, both bank debit and credit cards.

  • Simplicity for the user and operations: Digitize customer experience, payment methods, asset management, insurance and capital markets to improve operational efficiency.
  • Technological regulations: Ensure compliance with security protocols to align operations to business requirements.

  • Transformation of Core Banking systems: Develop flexible systems based on new open technologies and standards that allow pay-per-use (SaaS), Full IT Outsourcing or BPO.
  • Recover profitability for Covid-19: Transform business models with technology to improve performance and financial competitiveness in the market.

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