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  • We reinforce the veracity of the application of evaluations in educational institutions through real-time monitoring.
  • Taking proactive action when detecting anomalies (voice, off-camera, other people, etc.) or emotions (anxiety, confusion, stress, etc.)
  • Analytics that optimize and enrich the quality of content in exams.
  • We integrate Proctoring to extend the value offering and with LMS (Learning Management Systems) and CMS (Content Management Systems) to manage training needs.


  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Employee HR On-Boarding
  • Recruitment
  • College Admission Test
  • Compliance Test
  • Certifications
  • On-Line Trainers

Challenges: Virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence are used to strengthen the integrity of assessment systems and ensure educational quality.

Solution description:
We monitor educational assessment models (exam, certification, online session, etc.) through AI.
We expanded the control mechanisms during educational evaluations to ensure the reliability of the results.
We uncover anomalies in evaluations through real-time, data-driven visibility (movement, usurpation, keywords, etc.).
We detect the level of feelings and emotions experienced by a person during the assessment through “Contextualization of Emotions” (COE) and “Facial Action Coding System” (FACS).
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